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Positive Thoughts – Soul

1 Oct

“Do Not Expect Troubles, as they have a tendency to not disappoint”

-Napoleon Hill

We have “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill at the house. My husband has had it for quite a while and from time to time I peruse it. While doing so the other day I read something that has stuck with me and I cannot shake it. He says there are 7 major positive and 7 major negative emotions. The 7 major emotions can shape all of your thoughts. What I found most interesting is that he states that your mind cannot focus on both at the same time. One must dominate the other. WOW! I like that. Is it true?

7 Positive Emotions 7 Negative Emotions

The emotion of desire The emotion of fear

The emotion of faith The emotion of jealousy

The emotion of love The emotion of hatred

The emotion of sex The emotion of revenge

The emotion of enthusiasm The emotion of greed

The emotion of romance The emotion of superstition

The emotion of hope The emotion of anger

I have been battling focusing my thoughts on good things. The bible says to focus on what is pure, true, praiseworthy and to meditate on those things. For me some things that are true are negative so I focus and focus and focus on those. My bad…I am a woman and sometimes we just go there.

My goal is to switch that. think positive, focus on the truth and on what is edifying to the soul & the spirit. Napoleon Hill feels that doing so can create an atmosphere of positivity. Of course his book’s focus is money more money. I better get on that now!

Thinking…thinking…thinking…I’ll let you know how rich I become!