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Running is good for the Soul

26 Sep

Although I teach group fitness classes, I admit, I am not the most disciplined when it comes to working out. Unlike most of my counterparts, my girlfriends and co-workers. I have a couple of girlfriends, my fitness “BFF’s” and they are dynamos. They have busy lives like me and between the three of us we have 10 kids. Kids and all they are running every week, 5 days a week, and then they workout some more. They run through rain , sleet or snow. They are injured, but they keep running. They are tired, but they keep running. They run happy, they run sad…they just run. I on the other hand find any excuse to not workout.

Now, if I have to teach, yes I am all over it, and if my schedule is open, yes I’ll workout but if I am hurt, nope, if I am happy or sad but busy, nope, if it is stressful I will not workout. Well, that changed on Saturday. On Saturday, I ran; 5.28 miles! With my girlfriend, the right trail (we ran around Stone Mountain Park in Georgia) and my new toy, My Nike+GPS app (LOVE THAT APP!) Plus my Polar Heartrate monitor I was pumped.

On Saturday morning, I realized that running is just good for the soul. You run, you feel the breeze, you listen to nature, or your music, or you talk to your girlfriend. I did all of that and my soul felt great. I felt energized and ready to accomplish anything. I felt like only eating clean food that day and was motivated to do more. My girlfriends inspire me and I see why they run, although I do admonish them to find balance. No running injured! However, running is good. Exercise is good. Whatever it is you do yoga, walking, running, strength, cycling whatever gives you strength, power and purpose do it. No matter what do it for you. It is good for you, it is good for your body, it is good for your soul.