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A bathroom sharing dilemma

11 Nov

My sweet (notice the sarcasm) family of five, three boys, the hubby and myself (the only female) have been in a hotel for five days. I am not complaining, especially in the aftermath of Sandy.

We are blessed to have stayed here for four weeks (sarcasm on the four weeks part of it). We are simply waiting to move into our new home here in Pittsburgh, PA.

We have enough space, a cute kitchen, and daily housekeeping, HOWEVER, we share a bathroom. One woman, 4 dudes.

This is a picture of my favorite shower gel, on the floor of the bathtub, after my oldest son (12yo) took a shower.


Me: “Why is my shower gel in the bathtub floor?”

Son: “What shower gel?”

Me: (pointing it out) “That one”

Son: “Oh that, I didn’t know that was what that was. I have been using that as my shampoo.”

Me: 😡

Sharing a bathroom, with my boys, is bad, very bad.

Yummy Side Dish

9 Feb

I know it is Winter,not Fall, but a Butternut Squash is always a yummy side dish. Last night, I made baked squash with cinnamon, nutmeg, a little ginger, a tad bit of sweetness and viola! Within an hour I had heartiness along side some fish for my brood. My oldest son (who has a strong disdain for anything squash) said it was good! Well, he said it was “alright”! I’ll take that!
Here’s to eating healthy, quickly and taking care of the family!
I’ll post recipe too.

I used a veggie peeler and peeled of the tough outer skin and the first outer layer of the squash. It was very easy to cut up afterwards. You can also go to Trader Joe’s and buy it already cut.




I dressed the squash in a little olive oil, sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a little turbinado sugar and mixed it all up.


Baked at 400 until it filled our house with a delicious smell and was tender when poked with a fork.

This was a great side, and cured everyone’s sweet tooth too!