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Reflections During The Unpacking

3 Dec


I’m having quite a time unpacking the many, many and many more, boxes we have from moving. The moving company kindly (sarcasm because they really went overboard on the packing BUT I didn’t have to do it!) packed every single item in its own wrapping and placed them, sparingly, in boxes; lots of boxes.

Now we have so many boxes I could open a box store for the holidays. We have every size and shape box you can think of. We also have paper to wrap your items and pad the box with. Our garage is literally floor to ceiling full of boxes. The house has had it’s share of boxes too. Not to mention, we have unpacked dozen of boxes already (no exaggeration on the dozens part).

Unpacking boxes has given me a big dose of reality. We have too much S#%*!!

I am all in the Christmas spirit HOWEVER as I unpack I recognize that my family has more than enough. We are blessed and, as I make my fourth trip to Goodwill to donate items, I think we should do something more than just exchange gifts this year.

For a few years, on Thanksgiving morning, we delivered Meals on Wheels. We have taken all the boys do so many times. This year we didn’t and I really think we need to for Christmas. We need to do something on a consistent basis. Material items are not fulfilling or necessary and, as I witness this tough economy and natural anomalies as Sandy I unpack and reflect that others are in need, right now and we can do something about it. That is my reason for the season.

What will you do to help a neighbor this season? Oh, and if you need boxes I have a garage full!

Sons Smile

4 Nov

Moving and uprooting the children from their only home has been a true transition. I have to say I think they have done quite well with the move. They are a joy to be around during the transition. However, I am very aware that we have uprooted them, and it hit me hard the other day when my baby boy (who turned 6 years old the other day) said this.

Him: “Mom, can you please write to Mrs. Adams (his Kindergarten teacher in GA) and tell her that today is my birthday and, that I miss them very much”

Me: With big eyes tears in my eyes, “Of, course, as a matter of fact I’ll help you write a letter yourself”

Him: “OK” with a big smile on his face

That smile lifted my spirits and my heart. We then headed off to have a birthday morning treat before he went to his new kindergarten class where he celebrated with his new friends/classmates in his kindergarten class here.

See that smile below

His smile has always given me the boost that I need to continue on as a Mom. I know that my life influences his life so much, and I always pray that we are doing right by him and our three boys. I am so grateful for them all and their patience with my husband and I as we parent them.

Thanks for the smiles son!

In Limbo

18 Oct

This morning I was filling out an online form and was prompted to write in my zip code. At that moment it hit me that, right now, I technically have no official zip code. No home, I’m in limbo.

On our journey from Georgia to Pittsburgh we are in between homes. I am neither a 30044 or a 15241 resident just yet. Our home sold and closed on 10/18 and we are SUPPOSE to close on 10/19 here in PA; yet today I am a non-resident either state.

All of our belongings are packed on a moving truck and left yesterday. It really brings to mind that material objects, even a house aren’t what makes a family. My family is here, content, laughing and full of life, while just being together in a car, with a weeks worth of clothes (an electronics, we’re not that content yet).

Maybe when I sit in my new home, in the cold I can remember this. Just being together and being content as a family. Enjoy your fam today too!

Bye Ga, bye house



Crashing Out of the Blogosphere

2 Oct

I often tend to get SUPER excited about new things. That is not a bad trait;  however, with the extreme excitement I create the antithesis is sure to follow.  So, as high as I get, is sometimes, as hard as I fall. My excitement with blogging faded, not out of desire but  more because of the lack of time. I was being consistent (my sense of consistency) with blogging and then I just stopped, crashed out of the blogosphere. I need to get that time back and right now I have a little window to do so.

We are in transition. My 12 years of Southern living is coming to a close and we are venturing up North to Pittsburgh, PA. Me, the native Californian,  turned Southerner is now moving to PA! CA, GA, PA! It’s going to be VERY interesting. More on that later…

So, since we are in transition, waiting to close on a home in PA, things have changed at home. I have the boys out of extra curricular activities; I have resigned my posts at their schools, so no PTA, etc. I even stopped teaching my group fitness classes and guess what? It feels good! It is as though  we are a “normal” family. Except hubby is working 650 miles away and we don’t see him much. Isn’t that the new normal family though?

Am I, was I, trying to do too much at one time? This moving transition, caused me to stop doing all the other stuff and I realized just how much crap stuff I was trying to do. Although I am exhausted with the moving/relocating process, it is good. We are selling our home, buying a new home, researching Pittsburgh like crazy, and everyday is filled with crap stuff that has to be done. However, I am not driving all over town to football, fall baseball, soccer and orchestra  practices in the evenings, every evening of the week.

I read an article yesterday, in Newsweek ( on The Daily Beast via Twitter) about Why Women Should Stop Trying To Be Perfect, written by Debra Spar. It really brought to light the plight of my life in terms of busyness, momhood, etc. It is a provocative article and I feel it really captures the plight of the American Woman in our society. (I’ll be blogging on  that soon). What this article made me reflect on was how I was and am trying to be the perfect woman, wife, mom and wearing myself OUT in the interim. So, seeing that I cannot do everything at once, with equal vigor, and expect excellent results in each area I realize now that is why my blogging fell by the wayside. Other things fell off the wayside too, but I’m focusing on the blogging. It’s back.

With the release of so many activities that filled our time, I have a window of time to actually BLOG!!! Back to my new passion of writing. My excitement is back but a little more tempered so my next fall may only be a dip and not a crash!