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Cupcake Love – an inspiration from mothers

13 Jan

I have all of these new topics in my head to blog about, however I cannot get the thoughts of cupcakes out of my head. On Monday, I called one of favorite bakeries, Sweets on the Square, to order cake pops for my 4th grade son’s class and two birthday cakes for his two teachers. I was so excited to order from them. I LOVE their cupcakes and I now had an excuse to go in and have one. Actually, I get to have two, one when I order and place a deposit (I am going in purposely for this because I did call in to order but I insist on going in to eat a cupcake…I mean place a deposit) and another when we have the yumminess on Friday in my son’s class (for the teachers birthdays, of course). Anyway, take a look at this  cupcake:

yummy chocolate turtle cupcake!

This was my first time having this flavor. OMG!!!! It was soooo delicious! I knew it would be good, because everything I have tried has been so tasty. Notice, it is a square cupcake! That in itself excites me. All of their cupcakes are square. They are in downtown Lawrenceville, on the “square”, hence the name “Sweets on the Square“.

This particular  trip to the bakery turned out even better than I ever expected. I was on my way there and one of the PTA vice-presidents happens to call me to discuss my current committee activity. I was the President of the PTA for the last two years, and a VP for the two years prior and now chair the school fundraising committee, so we have history!  She is more like a friend than my PTA VP, so  I told her to meet me at the bakery for 45 minutes (she works right by the bakery).  We could discuss things in person instead of on the phone (and eat cupcakes!). My plan was to treat her to a cupcake; well…she came, treated me to lunch (they serve yummy light fare for lunch too) and I got that cupcake (it comes with the lunch!). The Lord really was shining His love on me, the angels were singing and I hit the jackpot!

So, this post is not just about my delish, yummy, yummy and again yummy cupcake . It is about friends, work and fellowship. And to top that off, I read the website and this is what they say  “This bakery is dedicated to moms who are an inspiration to us all”.  Can you wipe my tears right now?! How beautiful; and here we are two mothers, working for the PTA, doing the room parent stuff, jsut trying to do our part to help education, our kids and our school and get a wonderful lunch, great service, a nice place to sit and chat. This experience was all inspired by who we are, Mothers. I never knew the bakery was dedicated to Mothers just like my friend and I. How much love is that?

Now, I am aware everyone is fasting right now, dieting, exercising and eating “right”, I am too, but it can’t be “wrong” to eat one of these:

So, I worked out today. Taught my classes with more vigor and no desert for me tonight, but I have my cupcake love jones still going on and the thought of having another stays in my head. I’m going to have another cupcake, tomorrow, for all the mothers, who inspire us all.

Wordless Wednesday – Tea and Chocolate

19 Oct

“Chocolate in the morning is what makes moms get through their day!”

A Woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The Old Woman in The Shoe

10 Oct

On Friday, when my youngest son came home from school, we looked through his work from the week. He was so excited to share his weekly “book” with me. This week the book was on nursery rhymes. I looked through it and came across this one…

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do;

she gave them some broth without any bread;

She whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.”

This is his art work for the old lady nursery rhyme

“You better go old woman”, I muttered to myself! That isn’t good I know but that is how I felt. In my youth I would have said you bad old woman, why do you have “so many” kids. Why do you inflict corporal punishment on these kids? Why aren’t you married? But today, I understand.

Her husband was probably out (working, looking for work, hanging out), the “so many” kids could just be two or three. She was too busy and tired to get to the grocery store, so all that was left to eat was some broth. But, then again if they were being that bad she probably didn’t want to feed them a thing. They ought to be glad they got broth and bread with it. Heck, with childhood obesity today, she was just doing her part to keep those kids at a good weight! The spanking…well to each their own, and trust me I try so hard to be neutral, but a child will take you “there”.

And, was she really old? By some standards I am “old”. Just ask my younger cousins, and sibiling…they think I am definitely “older” but I am not!

Give that “old woman” a break! I use to be against reading some nursery rhymes to kids because I felt that they weren’t “healthy”, but after reading this one, I am convinced some Mommas got together and wrote them to instill some fear into children, to get them act right. I know I’ll be posting this one on the fridge for all three of my boys to see!