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Family Travels – Peace

4 Oct



I am very weary from traveling from Atlanta to Ohio within 24 hours. Although I have had little sleep, I am pleased. Today we laid to rest my grandmother. She was 98 years old!

We were not close but I had a wonderful season with her in my youth. She had an incredible laugh and a beautiful spirit. Admittedly, I was VERY apprehensive to drop everything and go but my hubby and Mom encouraged me to go. I was even happier to come because my sister came with me.

There is nothing like sister time. Living away from family is hard and any time spent together is blessed. So we are here in the airport about to depart, tired, exhausted and happy. We met family we never knew and reconnected with family we hadn’t seen in 20 years or so.

Olga Washington Persons Martinez (maiden name, married surname, at 80 surname!) was in her right mind until she was 93! I wasn’t close to her but I love her for being her, for giving me a life to look forward to. I workout so I can live long and stay in my right mind too.

We said goodbye to our past. We looked out and planned our future while we traveled in total weariness.