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Friends, Writing, Journals

10 Jan

My girlfriend sent me the most beautiful gift, a journal. Not just any journal, the picture above is the journal she sent me. She made it. She is an artist ; she designed the cover and hand stitched the paper inside of it. The beautiful paper inside has love jumping off the pages. I cannot wait until I begin to use it in this new year. She graciously sent me a card as well. The card has the art work on it as well. She knows of my blog and really meditated on how she wanted to design my journal. Inside the card she wrote this to me:

“The blue is for peace, love is the fiery yellow/orange as you are both happy/mellow, but can be also very passionate. And soul – a mixture of gray/brown which are elemental earth colors that are tied to your down to earth personality.”

Yes, I have a tear in my eye. That was so sweet and special to me. How beautiful she wrote and then captured it in her artwork. What is most important is that she helped me really understand my own blog and why I titled it as I did. Thank you my friend; I hope everyone can have a friend such as this. The amazing thing is that we were friends in college, not real close, but friends and she has always been so sweet and kind. We have reconnected through Facebook and are finding so many similarities and parallels in our lives. She is a beautiful soul and I am glad she is back in my life. I hope everyone can have a friend as this.

Now, I am even more committed to writing in my journal, blogging and sharing. My desire is to just help myself through this life and if it helps someone else than all is well.

Here’s to friends! Here’s to writing – do it if you can, find a journal, it can be healing and cathartic to the soul.

Peace – Love and Soul Y’all (After 10 years this Californian is truly turning into a Southerner!)


Peace, Love and Soul in 2012!

2 Jan

LOVE this picture! Washing away 2011 and seeing 2012 so vividly. Ready to begin 2012 anew and resume my passions and share myself through blogging once again. I had a period of writers block, busyness and just burn out. I stopped blogging and felt bad about it but had no real energy to continue. I’M BACK, and excited to be back in 2012. I’m leaving 2011 behind.

I wouldn’t wash all of 2011 away. I did have some great moments and the good out weighed the bad. These few weeks of holidays and vacations really culminated the year in a wonderful way for me. My family was around; there was no school, no traveling for work (my hubby does this A LOT ), and I felt the peace, love and soul in my life.

Peace I am at peace with where I am in many areas of my life. Emotionally, physically (need to hit it hard in 2012), spiritually (growing and studying and delving deeper into my walk with God and in prayer), and in my relationships. Not that I have “arrived”, I have work to do, however I am at peace with where I am.

Love – Having my three boys and hubby around so much has made me appreciate them and love them being a part of my life so much. Not seeing my Mom and sister and family on the West coast makes my heart grow even fonder for them. I love my family and the life they have given me. My love for life and experiences and people really fill me with such joy.

Soul – I love the quote by C.S. Lewis that says (paraphrasing) you are a soul who has a body! I am going to take care of this vessel; this vessel houses a wonderful soul and I am thankful for it and thankful for being able to share my soul with others. I am thankful for the souls of others and am blessed to be able to share life with so many wonderful friends and family members. I am going to do my part to help others take care of their bodies too; so their souls can thrive.

I hope you have some peace, love and soul experiences in 2012 too!

Happy New Year!

Wordless Wednesday – Soul

9 Nov


Wordless Wednesday Day -Moment of Grace- Love

12 Oct

An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace

Running is good for the Soul

26 Sep

Although I teach group fitness classes, I admit, I am not the most disciplined when it comes to working out. Unlike most of my counterparts, my girlfriends and co-workers. I have a couple of girlfriends, my fitness “BFF’s” and they are dynamos. They have busy lives like me and between the three of us we have 10 kids. Kids and all they are running every week, 5 days a week, and then they workout some more. They run through rain , sleet or snow. They are injured, but they keep running. They are tired, but they keep running. They run happy, they run sad…they just run. I on the other hand find any excuse to not workout.

Now, if I have to teach, yes I am all over it, and if my schedule is open, yes I’ll workout but if I am hurt, nope, if I am happy or sad but busy, nope, if it is stressful I will not workout. Well, that changed on Saturday. On Saturday, I ran; 5.28 miles! With my girlfriend, the right trail (we ran around Stone Mountain Park in Georgia) and my new toy, My Nike+GPS app (LOVE THAT APP!) Plus my Polar Heartrate monitor I was pumped.

On Saturday morning, I realized that running is just good for the soul. You run, you feel the breeze, you listen to nature, or your music, or you talk to your girlfriend. I did all of that and my soul felt great. I felt energized and ready to accomplish anything. I felt like only eating clean food that day and was motivated to do more. My girlfriends inspire me and I see why they run, although I do admonish them to find balance. No running injured! However, running is good. Exercise is good. Whatever it is you do yoga, walking, running, strength, cycling whatever gives you strength, power and purpose do it. No matter what do it for you. It is good for you, it is good for your body, it is good for your soul.