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Reflections During The Unpacking

3 Dec


I’m having quite a time unpacking the many, many and many more, boxes we have from moving. The moving company kindly (sarcasm because they really went overboard on the packing BUT I didn’t have to do it!) packed every single item in its own wrapping and placed them, sparingly, in boxes; lots of boxes.

Now we have so many boxes I could open a box store for the holidays. We have every size and shape box you can think of. We also have paper to wrap your items and pad the box with. Our garage is literally floor to ceiling full of boxes. The house has had it’s share of boxes too. Not to mention, we have unpacked dozen of boxes already (no exaggeration on the dozens part).

Unpacking boxes has given me a big dose of reality. We have too much S#%*!!

I am all in the Christmas spirit HOWEVER as I unpack I recognize that my family has more than enough. We are blessed and, as I make my fourth trip to Goodwill to donate items, I think we should do something more than just exchange gifts this year.

For a few years, on Thanksgiving morning, we delivered Meals on Wheels. We have taken all the boys do so many times. This year we didn’t and I really think we need to for Christmas. We need to do something on a consistent basis. Material items are not fulfilling or necessary and, as I witness this tough economy and natural anomalies as Sandy I unpack and reflect that others are in need, right now and we can do something about it. That is my reason for the season.

What will you do to help a neighbor this season? Oh, and if you need boxes I have a garage full!

A Heartbeat – Love

20 Oct

Yesterday I read this headline on my computer homepage.

Couple married 72 years dies holding hands – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44960859/ns/us_news-life/t/couple-married-years-dies-holding-hands/

Here is their picture

Image: Gordon Yeager and Norma Yeager

I was so moved by the story particularly with these details. The husband and wife were in the hospital room, lying next to each other and holding hands. Their family was surrounding them when the husband dies first. Although he wasn’t breathing, the monitor he was attached to was still reading a heartbeat. Well, his wife was still alive and the monitor was picking up her heartbeat through him! WOW!

An hour later she to passed and they were still holding hands.

The heart.

A couple stays married for 72 years, they are connected in many ways and in death he still could hold  her heart in his body. What a metaphor for relationships. It isn’t all “mechanics” and “how to do”…it is a heart matter.

When two people connect, they share their hearts. This physical demonstration of it just solidified to me what the human connection is about. We have life through relationships. We share our hearts and it gives sustenance to the other person and to us. The trials, tribulations and heartache are all a part of relationships too. But, no matter what, it is important to give of our heart, unconditionally, freely and know that in doing so we are being unselfish.

When you have the opportunity, give your heart beat to someone. It is hard to do at times. We feel vulnerable and scared…even in our own marriages and other relationships but learn to live and give it anyway.

I hope in the end your heartbeat lives not just through you but someone else too.