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Friday Love

23 Sep

So, this morning I was actually able to get to the grocery store and buy food, some lovely apples too. Now, the morning got off to a rocky start. My middle son and I, well the entire family, were still asleep as the school bus zoomed past the stop. Since the stop is our lawn I heard it drive right by, and knew it was 7:30am. Man, we were just all so tired from the actvities of the week. So, I resigned myself to taking him to school. My goal in the morning is to wake him up and not fuss…I figure he needs love first thing in the mornings before going to face the world at school. However, he seems to prefer fussing, groaning and giving me the side eye. I am the adult, I am the Mother, I will set the tone…be calm I tell myself. Right! Five minutes into it we are at odds. I am fussing, he is crying…it is just drama. Well, I did drive him to school, with one graham cracker and a glass of water in him (we had nothing else, I really needed to grocery shop). “I love you” I told him as he went into school, 15 minutes late.

As I drive home, the school bus for my older son drives on past and I pray he made it on the bus. I get home and he has! My hubby (he had been out of town all week) is awake, my youngest is dressed and all is good. Except the Viola didn’t make it on the school bus with older son and I have 15 minutes to feed the youngest, wash his face, make his lunch and get him to school. Yes, he was 15 minutes late too.

I managed to make it to the store, buy fruit and other things…lots of other things, drop off the Viola and make it home for a 10am meeting. Yes, I was 15 minutes late to that too.

Later, as I spent time washing the fruit I purchased, the apples made me SOOO happy! I sat and started at them and then ate a yummy gala apple. I tasted the crisp sweetness of it and looked at out my kitchen window. Looking at the beautiful trees, clear sky helped me reflect realize how blessed I am. I am in love with today because we have no football practices, no errands, no dates, nothing to do but be home as a family this evening! I love my family no matter how crazy our days may be, no matter how much we may fuss. I love them.

I love today…hope you had a lovely day too.