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Fall Fun, Family, Food and Halloween

31 Oct

I had this post all ready to go on being angry but then realized that Halloween is near so maybe I should write about that. But where do I begin? Hubby asked me about this whole Halloween thing. He wanted to know how it is I got so caught up in this Halloween thing when we had said we wouldn’t do it. See, when we married, and had no kids we were both on the “we won’t ever do Halloween” deal. Of course we had no kids and it just wasn’t the Christian thing to do. We were good until my oldest was old enough to say “hey, I want a costume”. Then we moved into our neighborhood that is close-knit and does Halloween unlike one I have ever been to. I grew up in the city and I did trick or treat for a few years and then it just got to dangerous so I stopped, but my Mom always had candy, made ginger bread and made sure it was family time. So, that is what I want my kids to know, family and fun. They dress up, we go around the neighborhood, where my neighbors sit in their houses with lots of candy, or hang out in the cul-de-sac with cider, chili and candy! We have so much fun. I always make a big crockpot full of chili and for the past few years we have had friends and their families over too. It is safe, fun and a time of joy for us all.

This year it being a school night I hope to finish the evening early. We will canvas the neighborhood, eat the chili, chili turkey dogs, gingerbread and pumpkin bread too! My oldest has this idea that he and his buddies will be hitting up all 250+ homes in the neighborhood and get as much candy as possible. That is what 11 and 12-year-old boys dream of. We’ll see about that. And before you judge me…I scour the candy and we keep some and donate all the rest. It is one day to let them enjoy the day. I have to post pictures because my youngest is going to be Skippyjon Jones and we LOVE him! He is sooo cute (Skippyjon well my little one is too!)

One of our all time favorite characters!!

The older two boys will be Harry Potter characters. I like that they chose books to be characters from. We’ve done superheroes, Star Wars figures, football players but most importantly they have always had good fun. They have been respected and respectful and they know that this is more of a tradition than some cultish “holiday.”

For me it is also all about food. Pumpkins! So, this morning it was Pumpkin Pancakes. I wish I could say I made them from scratch BUT no. Trader Joes makes a great mix that everyone in my house is addicted to. They are so addicted I had to buy a lot. The guy who worked at Tj’s saw me grabbing a lot of boxes (you see they WILL run out) and  told me to just grab a flat! LOL! So, I did, along with Maple syrup and turkey bacon. Last year I made Pumpkin pancakes until January and when I made regular ones my husband looked at me strange and wanted the pumpkin. When I told him I was out of mix and didn’t want to make them from scratch he was hurt. That is why I stocked up this year.

Tomorrow, I will use my canned pumpkin, which has lots of nutrients, to make bread and maybe cookies, if I have the energy. See, for me Halloween is just a day, but the fall brings lots of warm food, warm family and lots of love and traditions we make ourselves. And, don’t forget to workout even harder the next day! I will teaching my cycle class with full vengeance on Tuesday so watch out!

How do you and your family enjoy your fall season?