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Procrastinate…Not Me!

9 Oct

What do you do when you are overwhelmed? I mean so overwhelmed you don’t know which way is up?  This is where I am right now.

When I get like this I escape to the couch, with a snack, a laptop and a nap. Escaping is fun. Having fun activities makes me happy. Happy is my cup of tea. A good cup of tea is a good way to escape too; that’s fun. However, my fun often comes at the expense of me doing what I am “suppose” to do.

I am coming out of the closet…

I am a procrastinator.

Many people don’t know this about me; I am the Mom, the SAHM, the one always on top of things…NOT ALWAYS! Those close to me (hi hubby) often find me frustrating. You see, I am pretty laid back (at times & with certain things) and that translates into procrastination  Now, I almost NEVER do so in a time crunch or when others are relying on me. But, give me some time and I will and do the “P” word.

SO, as I sit here typing my blog. I am aware of all the things I HAVE to do to prepare for my move to Pittsburgh, PA. BUT, guess what? I have not put off writing my blog!! I am NOT procrastinating now! I am also having a cup of tea! FUN AND NOT PROCRASTINATING! I am on it (did I mention ALL of the other stuff I have to do, pack, make calls, clean attic…never mind).

You see if you procrastinate in one area, you are not in another (good rationale), even if it is in a fun area. It all balances out!

So, what areas are you NOT procrastinating in?