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Football Sunday = Me Time

23 Jan

Image: Tom Brady of the New England Patriots celebrates during game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday (© Stephan Savoia/AP)

My hubby doesn’t hang out with the guys much. He should hang out more; he needs more male bonding time. Our lives get so busy with the three boys, their school, sports etc. Then of course our personal activities, working, household responsibilities, etc. are time-consuming too. We TRY to carve out time for ourselves. A date here or there helps. Each weekend  we try to sequester ourselves in the bedroom for a few hours while our kids eat what they want, play videos games, watch TV, read. I admit it, My kids are allowed to do those things. Sometimes we just have to release and let go and let them do what they want; in turn we get to do what we want too. 😉 So back to the hubby hanging out with the guys.

Today is a big game day.Image: Henry Hynoski (45) of the New York Giants is tackled in the first half by Tarell Brown of the San Francisco 49ers (© Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Football playoffs! My husband has invited his buddies over and now I have a home filled to the roof with all men and boys! I am not calling the men boys (ok, they are big boys) but we also have our three boys here and two more. The TV is BLARING, the large deep voices are elevated and there is a lot of testosterone floating around here.  I LOVE IT! There are MANY reasons why I  love this. It is my opportunity to escape. Now, I do like football; I can watch a game and I understand the game. I am not a “wimpy girly girl” (and for those who are no shame in that either!). I can sit and watch the games all day. But today I don’t. The men need their time and this is the PERFECT opportunity for me to escape.

I escaped to  the gym for three hours and NO ONE CALLED ME!

I have not cooked a meal all day! No one has asked me for one single solitary food item! They ordered in!

I am upstairs in my own space about to take a bath in some deep yummy bubbles from LUSH.

I think I’ll throw in a glass of wine with the bath and all is a go. I still have organic chocolate truffles from Whole Foods too.

This evening just got better!

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