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How Divinely Awesome

13 Mar

I love the takeoff on a flight, when it is overcast and we breakthrough the cloud layer.


Once we are flying over the clouds, I am always reminded of just how awesome God is. Heaven lies above, the Earth is below and I am just a small part of this magnificent world. I am in awe and amazed that all of this natural world was created and that we get to be a part of it. How divine, and how beautiful. Thank you God for letting me “play” here on Earth for a while.

On land, everything seemed cloudy and dreary. Once we headed for the sky and broke through the clouds we found a beautiful blue sky. There there was another divine treat in store for us. The moon was still out at 7am!

I took the two photos; the one above and this super cool shot below. For me this was so very divine, humbling, beautiful and awesome. Hope it touches you somehow too. When you are in the skies I pray that God beauty meets you there too!


Peace everyone!