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Crashing Out of the Blogosphere

2 Oct

I often tend to get SUPER excited about new things. That is not a bad trait;  however, with the extreme excitement I create the antithesis is sure to follow.  So, as high as I get, is sometimes, as hard as I fall. My excitement with blogging faded, not out of desire but  more because of the lack of time. I was being consistent (my sense of consistency) with blogging and then I just stopped, crashed out of the blogosphere. I need to get that time back and right now I have a little window to do so.

We are in transition. My 12 years of Southern living is coming to a close and we are venturing up North to Pittsburgh, PA. Me, the native Californian,  turned Southerner is now moving to PA! CA, GA, PA! It’s going to be VERY interesting. More on that later…

So, since we are in transition, waiting to close on a home in PA, things have changed at home. I have the boys out of extra curricular activities; I have resigned my posts at their schools, so no PTA, etc. I even stopped teaching my group fitness classes and guess what? It feels good! It is as though  we are a “normal” family. Except hubby is working 650 miles away and we don’t see him much. Isn’t that the new normal family though?

Am I, was I, trying to do too much at one time? This moving transition, caused me to stop doing all the other stuff and I realized just how much crap stuff I was trying to do. Although I am exhausted with the moving/relocating process, it is good. We are selling our home, buying a new home, researching Pittsburgh like crazy, and everyday is filled with crap stuff that has to be done. However, I am not driving all over town to football, fall baseball, soccer and orchestra  practices in the evenings, every evening of the week.

I read an article yesterday, in Newsweek ( on The Daily Beast via Twitter) about Why Women Should Stop Trying To Be Perfect, written by Debra Spar. It really brought to light the plight of my life in terms of busyness, momhood, etc. It is a provocative article and I feel it really captures the plight of the American Woman in our society. (I’ll be blogging on  that soon). What this article made me reflect on was how I was and am trying to be the perfect woman, wife, mom and wearing myself OUT in the interim. So, seeing that I cannot do everything at once, with equal vigor, and expect excellent results in each area I realize now that is why my blogging fell by the wayside. Other things fell off the wayside too, but I’m focusing on the blogging. It’s back.

With the release of so many activities that filled our time, I have a window of time to actually BLOG!!! Back to my new passion of writing. My excitement is back but a little more tempered so my next fall may only be a dip and not a crash!

Occupying Wall Street- Complainers or a beginning for change

21 Nov

I read a post regarding Occupy Wall Street and found that I had a different view on it, so I decided to share.


I live in a  very conservative state, Georgia, I wonder sometimes how I fit in here! LOL! I am a Christian, and that lot can be conservative as well, to an extreme I find. Being liberal in my circles is funny 1) because most people have these really crazy opinions about someone being liberal, therefore before I can even open my mouth I am judged and 2) I am often a square peg in a round hole.

Now, I am more liberal than most, but I think I am probably more moderate. Some would say I am very idealistic…I am! I believe in love, success, happiness and in everyone getting along if we just try. Ergo my blog name! Not that I am unaware of trials and tribulations. BELIEVE ME I HAVE HAD MY SHARE!

I am a hard-working homemaker to three boys, who works a little on the side. I praise God daily that my husband has had his job throughout all of economic turmoil. I do stay aware of political and social issues as best as I can and I see there is a great stirring and maybe we should look at this OWS as an opening for communication. I think we can all agree that something has to change, soon.

I agree that we have gotten lazy and do have a lot of whiners, and complainers, and people take little action. However, I respectfully disagree with some persons opinions, that the OWS is comprised of many who just want a handout.  I see this OWS, as civil unrest, closely related to how the Civil Rights movement started.  I do wonder how so many people can take off work to do this…but I guess that is the point …they cannot find jobs. They also seem to be willing to sacrifice anything to be heard!

Corporations are not “bad” BUT there is an exorbitant amount of greed and gluttony and dishonesty taking place in corporate America, in our government and in our society.   I have many friends, neighbors, colleagues who were working as Engineers, businessmen, and highly paid professionals who have been out of work for months, years, etc. They are losing homes, they are using retirement money to live off of, not because of laziness, but because of something bigger and it is unjust to have Fannie Mae, pay Millions of dollars in bonuses to their top corporate CEO’s and higher-ups while hard-working individuals, work harder, get paid less, and struggle to pay college tuition for their children, let alone put food on their table. Not all the protesters are lazy, whining children. I have seen many adults, many men and women in suits and ties. I saw an 87-year-old woman Pepper sprayed because of peaceful protesting, because people are “tired” of the OWS. She cannot be a whining complaining child who is just lazy. This is bigger than that, way bigger.

I am always mindful that a small group of people felt that being a second class citizen, based on skin color, was unjust, and they whined and complained and protested and made a difference. That is why I have opportunities today, that they didn’t have. I want my children to have a healthy future, and not suffer the financial mistakes we continue to make. I know that I have to equip them with experiences and knowledge so they can rely on themselves and no one else to provide for their families, just as my husband and I have done. But, I am aware that I could be my “neighbor” so it is God’s grace, His provision that I rely on ultimately.

Anyway…I just think we should listen to the cry and take heed and be mindful of the some deeper issues and  see that not all of these persons or any other group as crazy, lazy, whining, individuals looking for handouts. Our country, our global economy is in a crisis and change has to happen. Not enough people are voting for capable politicians, not many are willing to listen and compromise and look for  finding what is right for the majority. Some times the squeaky wheel gets the most attention and OWS has certainly gotten ours.

Thanks for taking the time to read a different view. What is your view?

A Heartbeat – Love

20 Oct

Yesterday I read this headline on my computer homepage.

Couple married 72 years dies holding hands –

Here is their picture

Image: Gordon Yeager and Norma Yeager

I was so moved by the story particularly with these details. The husband and wife were in the hospital room, lying next to each other and holding hands. Their family was surrounding them when the husband dies first. Although he wasn’t breathing, the monitor he was attached to was still reading a heartbeat. Well, his wife was still alive and the monitor was picking up her heartbeat through him! WOW!

An hour later she to passed and they were still holding hands.

The heart.

A couple stays married for 72 years, they are connected in many ways and in death he still could hold  her heart in his body. What a metaphor for relationships. It isn’t all “mechanics” and “how to do”…it is a heart matter.

When two people connect, they share their hearts. This physical demonstration of it just solidified to me what the human connection is about. We have life through relationships. We share our hearts and it gives sustenance to the other person and to us. The trials, tribulations and heartache are all a part of relationships too. But, no matter what, it is important to give of our heart, unconditionally, freely and know that in doing so we are being unselfish.

When you have the opportunity, give your heart beat to someone. It is hard to do at times. We feel vulnerable and scared…even in our own marriages and other relationships but learn to live and give it anyway.

I hope in the end your heartbeat lives not just through you but someone else too.

The Old Woman in The Shoe

10 Oct

On Friday, when my youngest son came home from school, we looked through his work from the week. He was so excited to share his weekly “book” with me. This week the book was on nursery rhymes. I looked through it and came across this one…

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do;

she gave them some broth without any bread;

She whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.”

This is his art work for the old lady nursery rhyme

“You better go old woman”, I muttered to myself! That isn’t good I know but that is how I felt. In my youth I would have said you bad old woman, why do you have “so many” kids. Why do you inflict corporal punishment on these kids? Why aren’t you married? But today, I understand.

Her husband was probably out (working, looking for work, hanging out), the “so many” kids could just be two or three. She was too busy and tired to get to the grocery store, so all that was left to eat was some broth. But, then again if they were being that bad she probably didn’t want to feed them a thing. They ought to be glad they got broth and bread with it. Heck, with childhood obesity today, she was just doing her part to keep those kids at a good weight! The spanking…well to each their own, and trust me I try so hard to be neutral, but a child will take you “there”.

And, was she really old? By some standards I am “old”. Just ask my younger cousins, and sibiling…they think I am definitely “older” but I am not!

Give that “old woman” a break! I use to be against reading some nursery rhymes to kids because I felt that they weren’t “healthy”, but after reading this one, I am convinced some Mommas got together and wrote them to instill some fear into children, to get them act right. I know I’ll be posting this one on the fridge for all three of my boys to see!

Wordless Wednesday

5 Oct


The best time to plan a book is while you’re doing the dishes.
-Agatha Christie

Calm in the Midst of Chaos – Peace

20 Sep

Being busy is a great thing. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so stay busy…so I tell myself. But, how busy do you keep yourself. Do I really even have to keep myself busy? My life lends itself to busyness. And, being busy can be chaos. A chaotic life describes my life for the past few weeks…heck the last few years. My life is unique to me but my situation is not. I have three boys, a husband that travels for work, a lot!

The other day I was having quite an overwhelming day. It was so overwhelming that my anxiety level rose pretty high within me. Although I felt anxious in my heart, I knew (as most mothers know) I had to continue on. My kids had homework that needed to be done, dinner had to be cooked, practices needed to be gotten to, dishes needed to be done and I was alone, while my husband was out of town, working. Now, while in the swarm of this daily activity, feeling anxious and all, I got a call from a friend regarding the Middle schools fundraiser (which I am in charge of). She needed an answer to a question and was going to come by to pick up something she needed. When she came over she said that I looked very refreshed! REFRESHED! WOW! That is the furthest from what I felt…but somehow that is the aura that came off from me.

So, what was it, what did I do? Was she seeing something else? I can fake things quite well, but not that well. I can say I have learned somethings along the way that have helped me.

The first is, breathing. Most of my most crazy days call for some deep breathing throughout the day. I acknowldege my feelings and then literally take some deep breathes, releasing my diaphragm, inhaling through my nose and filling up my entire upper body with fresh air. The exhalation brings a slower beat to my heart, calming me down and allowing me to move forward with whatever functions I need to complete.

Secondly, I am, in general, a pretty positive person, so no matter how overwhelmed I feel I recognize that I can go on and I will. Everything I can do I will and what I cannot do or choose not to do just won’t get done. The world will not end, all of my kids will still be alive, I will be alive and so will my hubby therefore all is well.

Lastly, I take a break. Escapism is such a wonderful things at times! I am probably a master of it…not that I am proud of that or am bragging about it BUT, it sure does come in handy. I can sit down and just eat a small snack, read a little something, watch a little TV, computer time or even just nap. Working out is great for this too! Whenever I hit the gym and teach or take a class I fully escape what is going on. I come back into reality recharged, refreshed, and can and do often finish my tasks with flying colors! Even if it is at 2am.

Now, this has worked for me so far and I am THE FIRST to admit that there are times I do allow my emotions and anxiety to get the best of me. Just ask my husband, he usually gets the brunt of that. We often dump on those closest to us. LOVE YOU BABE!

So…Breathe, think positivitely, and relax. Take time to take time for yourself and watch how refreshed you to can be. Stay Calm even in the midst of the chaos.

Peace and Blessings!

Doesn’t take much to Do it – getting in a little workout for you – push-ups and downward dogs

22 Jan

It doesn’t take much to stay fit. That is what I always say! “Hmph!” That is also what I say. Where do you find the time? After chasing three boys around the house, carting them all around town, attempting to “do you”, and manage a household, plus a little working (did I mention I’m suppose to be a SAHM), and then being a wife, lover, friend. Where does one find the time? I don’t, often I crash, around midnight, only to wake up again to the sound of children rustling through the pantry and the day starts again. Time….where are you?

Well, this morning I found the time. Woke up at 6:30am (yes,unfortunately, it’s Saturday), to the sound of hubby’s alarm (he has nowhere to be and doesn’t even hear it let alone wake up to it-that is another blog…lol), I go and see about the 10-year-old who has been awake since 5am (why son?!). He needs comfort and help with his sore throat. I pray – “Hey God it’s me”…”I know I’ve been slacking”…”I LOVE YOU, Amen”! I go online – loving social media. I buy tickets to Blue Man Group (9 year olds favorite group). Anyway, I “do” everything but what about my fitness? Aha! Push-ups…drop do 10 get back into whatever it is I’m doing. Ten, okay 20 minutes pass drop another 10, a few downwards dogs and I’m feeling good. Hey, another 15 minutes goes by…why not another 10 push-ups and some downward dogs plus a plank. Hold on gotta drop and do 15…Okay I’m back. you see another 15, a few more yoga asanas, a plank and my heart rate is up, I feel a tingle in the arms and chest. I’m on it!

You see it doesn’t take much, often times there is no prescription. Yes, there are better ways to really formalize your fitness program in order to maximize the benefits but you just gotta get it in! Start there, do what you can and you’ll build it up. I’m starting there. I know I may not count because I teach group fitness and I am a little more self-motivated but not all the time. Trust me on this!

Peace to you and let your time count. Let me know how you are doing. I’d love to cheer you on! Oh-oh…I gotta drop and do 10!