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Procrastinate…Not Me!

9 Oct

What do you do when you are overwhelmed? I mean so overwhelmed you don’t know which way is up?  This is where I am right now.

When I get like this I escape to the couch, with a snack, a laptop and a nap. Escaping is fun. Having fun activities makes me happy. Happy is my cup of tea. A good cup of tea is a good way to escape too; that’s fun. However, my fun often comes at the expense of me doing what I am “suppose” to do.

I am coming out of the closet…

I am a procrastinator.

Many people don’t know this about me; I am the Mom, the SAHM, the one always on top of things…NOT ALWAYS! Those close to me (hi hubby) often find me frustrating. You see, I am pretty laid back (at times & with certain things) and that translates into procrastination  Now, I almost NEVER do so in a time crunch or when others are relying on me. But, give me some time and I will and do the “P” word.

SO, as I sit here typing my blog. I am aware of all the things I HAVE to do to prepare for my move to Pittsburgh, PA. BUT, guess what? I have not put off writing my blog!! I am NOT procrastinating now! I am also having a cup of tea! FUN AND NOT PROCRASTINATING! I am on it (did I mention ALL of the other stuff I have to do, pack, make calls, clean attic…never mind).

You see if you procrastinate in one area, you are not in another (good rationale), even if it is in a fun area. It all balances out!

So, what areas are you NOT procrastinating in?

Crashing Out of the Blogosphere

2 Oct

I often tend to get SUPER excited about new things. That is not a bad trait;  however, with the extreme excitement I create the antithesis is sure to follow.  So, as high as I get, is sometimes, as hard as I fall. My excitement with blogging faded, not out of desire but  more because of the lack of time. I was being consistent (my sense of consistency) with blogging and then I just stopped, crashed out of the blogosphere. I need to get that time back and right now I have a little window to do so.

We are in transition. My 12 years of Southern living is coming to a close and we are venturing up North to Pittsburgh, PA. Me, the native Californian,  turned Southerner is now moving to PA! CA, GA, PA! It’s going to be VERY interesting. More on that later…

So, since we are in transition, waiting to close on a home in PA, things have changed at home. I have the boys out of extra curricular activities; I have resigned my posts at their schools, so no PTA, etc. I even stopped teaching my group fitness classes and guess what? It feels good! It is as though  we are a “normal” family. Except hubby is working 650 miles away and we don’t see him much. Isn’t that the new normal family though?

Am I, was I, trying to do too much at one time? This moving transition, caused me to stop doing all the other stuff and I realized just how much crap stuff I was trying to do. Although I am exhausted with the moving/relocating process, it is good. We are selling our home, buying a new home, researching Pittsburgh like crazy, and everyday is filled with crap stuff that has to be done. However, I am not driving all over town to football, fall baseball, soccer and orchestra  practices in the evenings, every evening of the week.

I read an article yesterday, in Newsweek ( on The Daily Beast via Twitter) about Why Women Should Stop Trying To Be Perfect, written by Debra Spar. It really brought to light the plight of my life in terms of busyness, momhood, etc. It is a provocative article and I feel it really captures the plight of the American Woman in our society. (I’ll be blogging on  that soon). What this article made me reflect on was how I was and am trying to be the perfect woman, wife, mom and wearing myself OUT in the interim. So, seeing that I cannot do everything at once, with equal vigor, and expect excellent results in each area I realize now that is why my blogging fell by the wayside. Other things fell off the wayside too, but I’m focusing on the blogging. It’s back.

With the release of so many activities that filled our time, I have a window of time to actually BLOG!!! Back to my new passion of writing. My excitement is back but a little more tempered so my next fall may only be a dip and not a crash!

Being a Mom

1 Apr

My youngest son is 5 years old. He hasn’t started kindergarten yet, so we get to spend time together alone, for a few hours, on weekdays. During most of these days I often find myself wanting to spend time doing chores, checking my emails and doing “stuff” as opposed to just “being” here with him. One day this week while he played, I just sat outside on the deck and caught up on my emails, worked on my computer and was there for him when he wanted my attention or wanted me to play with him. My munchkin played; no toys, no brothers just him and myself close by.

He doesn’t want me to bother too much. We have a ton of toys and notice he picked up the some bricks the contractor left and went to the sand pile (again left by the contractor) and began his own project. I just sat and watched, he sang and played and afterwards we ate together and were happy. I am glad I took the time to sit outside with him on this day.

When my older boys were his age I was able to take time to sit outside to play with them, engage them in activities and really spend more quality time with them. They are 16 months apart so my life revolved around caring for them. Now that I have three boys and there is a five-year gap between the middle and youngest son I find myself busier and not taking the time to really focus on my third son. He is going to begin school  this upcoming Fall, and I will miss these opportunities, so I have decided to spend more time with him and to allow him to be free to play and be a little kid for a little while longer. I will transition into a new season of motherhood soon. I will have all three boys out of the house for the first time in 12 years. When he goes to school I will miss this, so I will enjoy this time now.

In light of the current news of families losing their boys to murder, suicide and tragedy I just want to love on my sons and appreciate their life and my life with them. We are blessed to have these boys and I am blessed to be a Mom.

Being a Mom is so rewarding, difficult yes, but these days and moments are refreshing for me!

Occupying Wall Street- Complainers or a beginning for change

21 Nov

I read a post regarding Occupy Wall Street and found that I had a different view on it, so I decided to share.


I live in a  very conservative state, Georgia, I wonder sometimes how I fit in here! LOL! I am a Christian, and that lot can be conservative as well, to an extreme I find. Being liberal in my circles is funny 1) because most people have these really crazy opinions about someone being liberal, therefore before I can even open my mouth I am judged and 2) I am often a square peg in a round hole.

Now, I am more liberal than most, but I think I am probably more moderate. Some would say I am very idealistic…I am! I believe in love, success, happiness and in everyone getting along if we just try. Ergo my blog name! Not that I am unaware of trials and tribulations. BELIEVE ME I HAVE HAD MY SHARE!

I am a hard-working homemaker to three boys, who works a little on the side. I praise God daily that my husband has had his job throughout all of economic turmoil. I do stay aware of political and social issues as best as I can and I see there is a great stirring and maybe we should look at this OWS as an opening for communication. I think we can all agree that something has to change, soon.

I agree that we have gotten lazy and do have a lot of whiners, and complainers, and people take little action. However, I respectfully disagree with some persons opinions, that the OWS is comprised of many who just want a handout.  I see this OWS, as civil unrest, closely related to how the Civil Rights movement started.  I do wonder how so many people can take off work to do this…but I guess that is the point …they cannot find jobs. They also seem to be willing to sacrifice anything to be heard!

Corporations are not “bad” BUT there is an exorbitant amount of greed and gluttony and dishonesty taking place in corporate America, in our government and in our society.   I have many friends, neighbors, colleagues who were working as Engineers, businessmen, and highly paid professionals who have been out of work for months, years, etc. They are losing homes, they are using retirement money to live off of, not because of laziness, but because of something bigger and it is unjust to have Fannie Mae, pay Millions of dollars in bonuses to their top corporate CEO’s and higher-ups while hard-working individuals, work harder, get paid less, and struggle to pay college tuition for their children, let alone put food on their table. Not all the protesters are lazy, whining children. I have seen many adults, many men and women in suits and ties. I saw an 87-year-old woman Pepper sprayed because of peaceful protesting, because people are “tired” of the OWS. She cannot be a whining complaining child who is just lazy. This is bigger than that, way bigger.

I am always mindful that a small group of people felt that being a second class citizen, based on skin color, was unjust, and they whined and complained and protested and made a difference. That is why I have opportunities today, that they didn’t have. I want my children to have a healthy future, and not suffer the financial mistakes we continue to make. I know that I have to equip them with experiences and knowledge so they can rely on themselves and no one else to provide for their families, just as my husband and I have done. But, I am aware that I could be my “neighbor” so it is God’s grace, His provision that I rely on ultimately.

Anyway…I just think we should listen to the cry and take heed and be mindful of the some deeper issues and  see that not all of these persons or any other group as crazy, lazy, whining, individuals looking for handouts. Our country, our global economy is in a crisis and change has to happen. Not enough people are voting for capable politicians, not many are willing to listen and compromise and look for  finding what is right for the majority. Some times the squeaky wheel gets the most attention and OWS has certainly gotten ours.

Thanks for taking the time to read a different view. What is your view?

Wordless Wednesday – Tea and Chocolate

19 Oct

“Chocolate in the morning is what makes moms get through their day!”

A Woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The Old Woman in The Shoe

10 Oct

On Friday, when my youngest son came home from school, we looked through his work from the week. He was so excited to share his weekly “book” with me. This week the book was on nursery rhymes. I looked through it and came across this one…

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do;

she gave them some broth without any bread;

She whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.”

This is his art work for the old lady nursery rhyme

“You better go old woman”, I muttered to myself! That isn’t good I know but that is how I felt. In my youth I would have said you bad old woman, why do you have “so many” kids. Why do you inflict corporal punishment on these kids? Why aren’t you married? But today, I understand.

Her husband was probably out (working, looking for work, hanging out), the “so many” kids could just be two or three. She was too busy and tired to get to the grocery store, so all that was left to eat was some broth. But, then again if they were being that bad she probably didn’t want to feed them a thing. They ought to be glad they got broth and bread with it. Heck, with childhood obesity today, she was just doing her part to keep those kids at a good weight! The spanking…well to each their own, and trust me I try so hard to be neutral, but a child will take you “there”.

And, was she really old? By some standards I am “old”. Just ask my younger cousins, and sibiling…they think I am definitely “older” but I am not!

Give that “old woman” a break! I use to be against reading some nursery rhymes to kids because I felt that they weren’t “healthy”, but after reading this one, I am convinced some Mommas got together and wrote them to instill some fear into children, to get them act right. I know I’ll be posting this one on the fridge for all three of my boys to see!

Just Dance – love/peace/soul

6 Oct

Every Thursday I teach a Latin Fusion class. I LOVE my class. We have a BLAST every week. Me and usually 50-60+ students are grooving away.

Me on stage teaching a class

I have been teaching this particular class for about four years now. I love listening and choosing the music, I love choreographing the dances, and I love dancing.

That’s it! I LOVE TO DANCE. I have been dancing all of my life. Started out as a ballet dancer as a 5 year old and went on to college to dance, now I do it as an adult. It has always been the essence of who I am. No matter how tired I am, I get in there and something just takes over and I am a dancing machine. I forget about anything else going on and I am moving and grooving, yelling, throwing my hands up in the air and just going for it. It is such a relief.  I forget I am a wife, mother of three with dishes to do, laundry, housecleaning, errands, bills, pick-ups, practices, the list goes on and on. I forget that sadness of those who died, and the ails of  our country and world. I embrace the thing that connects all life music and dance.

What makes it even better is that I sweat like crazy and burn at least 500 calories each week. How sweet is that. Right afterwards I teach yoga and that completely calms me down. I just love Thursdays.

Me, in the center with my mic on, with some of my great students in the class

What do you like to do to relieve stress? Have you danced lately?