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Quick Purple Cabbage & Kale

6 Apr

Purple cabbage is a veggie I never associated with anything but a salad bar however, I recently was motivated to cook it and, I have to say it was yummy. It is now a good addition to my meals as a quick side dish to make.

2013-03-05 10.14.18I chop up  kale, onions, fresh garlic and saute them altogether with coconut oil and to cut out some of the bitterness I add a little sprinkle of sweetness (organic sugar or Stevia in my case) all in my favorite cast iron skillet.









I season with sea salt and Everyday Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. The end result turns out so yummy!

2013-01-31 18.12.50

So all you need are the following ingredients:

purple cabbage




garlic clove

coconut oil (or your favorite)

Drinking it Up

20 May

My youngest has had a little cold and passed it on to hubby and now I have it. UGH! I figured some good drinks would help us out.

A large handful or two of Kale, some blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and banana with almond milk is delicious and filled with Vitamin C.

It was so yummy!

For protein I add a powder or just some plain greek yogurt.

I also had everyone drink Kombucha with mint from the garden. Gotta get the probiotics in to help cleanse and get rid of toxic germs that make us so sick.

Hopefully, with school coming to a close and baseball season ending we can just rest and enjoy family time and personal time. We can heal and be refreshed by drinking it all up!

Yummy Side Dish

9 Feb

I know it is Winter,not Fall, but a Butternut Squash is always a yummy side dish. Last night, I made baked squash with cinnamon, nutmeg, a little ginger, a tad bit of sweetness and viola! Within an hour I had heartiness along side some fish for my brood. My oldest son (who has a strong disdain for anything squash) said it was good! Well, he said it was “alright”! I’ll take that!
Here’s to eating healthy, quickly and taking care of the family!
I’ll post recipe too.

I used a veggie peeler and peeled of the tough outer skin and the first outer layer of the squash. It was very easy to cut up afterwards. You can also go to Trader Joe’s and buy it already cut.




I dressed the squash in a little olive oil, sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a little turbinado sugar and mixed it all up.


Baked at 400 until it filled our house with a delicious smell and was tender when poked with a fork.

This was a great side, and cured everyone’s sweet tooth too!

Potato-Turnip Soup, Pumpkin Bread and Playful Boys

23 Nov

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This week I am very grateful because, my boys have no school and my husband doesn’t have to travel! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I am VERY happy. Now, by Friday my post may read GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE…but for now I am thankful.

We started the week, on Sunday, at home, the five of us just relaxing, watching the games and having fun. Did I mention that I have 3 boys and 1 manchild at home? Do boys ever really just sit and relax? Here is how they spent a portion of their day:

tackling daddy on the floor

They enjoyed it so much and I just watched and was worn out. So, after a nap on the couch we (hubby and I boys were still awake mind you) awoke to find it being later than I planned for us to eat dinner. Much to my joy I realized I had leftovers!!!!! Whoever doesn’t like leftovers is just sad! So, I already had made a potato-turnip soup in the crockpot (love the crockpot) and pumpkin bread earlier in the week…dinner was on!

yummy potato soup

This is actually my picture, of the pumpkin bread I made! I impressed myself with this one.

Today, I have to really cook as tomorrow is Thanksgiving day! I am responsible for the turkey and we are going to a friends house to eat. However, I will cook for us too because we these boys, manchild and Mom need to eat leftovers for a few days! Enjoy your day of thankfulness!
(I’ll post the recipes for my soup and bread.)

Halloween is over – Candy,Cleanse & Kombucha

5 Nov

So Halloween is over, but the candy is not! UGH! Look at this stash!

And, this is after a week of eating it! Again I say UGH! I wish I could say that I am innocent of eating any of this false food but, I would be telling a lie. The Twix bars mystify me, they find some way into my mouth…especially after I freeze them. The chocolate with almonds tend to do the same too. UGH! But, YUM too!

So, I have to get rid of the candy. The kids have been hyper all week and it has to leave. I will send it to work, schools, wherever I can…I heard you can even send it to the troops! Or to a dentist will buy it back. Wow, now I have options. I really feel as though it should all go into the trash, as it is just chemically made crap that does nothing beneficial to the body. Well, maybe the brain gets that little candy ‘high” and during certain times of the month and that is all I need to get by ;).

My kids have to suffer and eat it to. Normally I am known as the healthy one, the ” granola” BUT, I LOVE sweet stuff! I love to cook and bake and eat what I make. I’d like to eat clean all the time and all that BUT, I confess I have a weakness and yes…I CONFESS my kids have eaten the candy too! Phew! Now, I feel liberated. I am now on the “bad momma” list. But, hey…we DO NOT EAT MacDonald’s, so there! I do not go on the bad momma list after all. I digress…

I have a really good friend who has a cleanse, more of a way of life, eating program that will help me end my addiction to sugar, heal my body from those nasty cancer inducing foods and help me feel better.  It is called the BWell 21 Day Cleanse. Her website is pretty awesome. The BWell for life concept grew out of her life experiences. She is awesome too!

From her, I have learned a lot. She is a mother of three boys, our firsts’ are a couple of weeks apart and we met 11 years ago, nursing them at 6 weeks old trying to find our way into this thing called motherhood. She has been so patient with me because every time the 21  day cleanse comes up I am all over it, telling her how excited I am. I am making Kombucha…

My Pretty Kombucha Scoby!!

A SCOBY is a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture/Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).

My Kombucha that was a week overdue. That is why the SCOBY is so big!

I am eating healthy, clean and feeling good! Then someone has a birthday or the holidays come or I just sneak a peek at something good and BAM! Back to square one. For instance. She has a cleanse starting up, like NOW, and look what I get to eat tomorrow for K3’s 5th birthday party (yes, my baby is 5 now!!!!!)

Lego cake bits on the left and a sugar cookie on the right

Aren’t those too cute not to eat!

I’ll just start the cleanse right afterwards ;)!

Fall Fun, Family, Food and Halloween

31 Oct

I had this post all ready to go on being angry but then realized that Halloween is near so maybe I should write about that. But where do I begin? Hubby asked me about this whole Halloween thing. He wanted to know how it is I got so caught up in this Halloween thing when we had said we wouldn’t do it. See, when we married, and had no kids we were both on the “we won’t ever do Halloween” deal. Of course we had no kids and it just wasn’t the Christian thing to do. We were good until my oldest was old enough to say “hey, I want a costume”. Then we moved into our neighborhood that is close-knit and does Halloween unlike one I have ever been to. I grew up in the city and I did trick or treat for a few years and then it just got to dangerous so I stopped, but my Mom always had candy, made ginger bread and made sure it was family time. So, that is what I want my kids to know, family and fun. They dress up, we go around the neighborhood, where my neighbors sit in their houses with lots of candy, or hang out in the cul-de-sac with cider, chili and candy! We have so much fun. I always make a big crockpot full of chili and for the past few years we have had friends and their families over too. It is safe, fun and a time of joy for us all.

This year it being a school night I hope to finish the evening early. We will canvas the neighborhood, eat the chili, chili turkey dogs, gingerbread and pumpkin bread too! My oldest has this idea that he and his buddies will be hitting up all 250+ homes in the neighborhood and get as much candy as possible. That is what 11 and 12-year-old boys dream of. We’ll see about that. And before you judge me…I scour the candy and we keep some and donate all the rest. It is one day to let them enjoy the day. I have to post pictures because my youngest is going to be Skippyjon Jones and we LOVE him! He is sooo cute (Skippyjon well my little one is too!)

One of our all time favorite characters!!

The older two boys will be Harry Potter characters. I like that they chose books to be characters from. We’ve done superheroes, Star Wars figures, football players but most importantly they have always had good fun. They have been respected and respectful and they know that this is more of a tradition than some cultish “holiday.”

For me it is also all about food. Pumpkins! So, this morning it was Pumpkin Pancakes. I wish I could say I made them from scratch BUT no. Trader Joes makes a great mix that everyone in my house is addicted to. They are so addicted I had to buy a lot. The guy who worked at Tj’s saw me grabbing a lot of boxes (you see they WILL run out) and  told me to just grab a flat! LOL! So, I did, along with Maple syrup and turkey bacon. Last year I made Pumpkin pancakes until January and when I made regular ones my husband looked at me strange and wanted the pumpkin. When I told him I was out of mix and didn’t want to make them from scratch he was hurt. That is why I stocked up this year.

Tomorrow, I will use my canned pumpkin, which has lots of nutrients, to make bread and maybe cookies, if I have the energy. See, for me Halloween is just a day, but the fall brings lots of warm food, warm family and lots of love and traditions we make ourselves. And, don’t forget to workout even harder the next day! I will teaching my cycle class with full vengeance on Tuesday so watch out!

How do you and your family enjoy your fall season?

Quads, Glutes and Marshmallows

26 Oct

My quads and glutes are killing me and that is a good thing! I have been needing to amp up my workouts, especially around this time of year. All this good food, and sweet treats have me at a loss for all discipline with food!

Just today my son and I purchased pumpkin shape marshmallows! SO big and cute. “Boo Mellows” for Halloween and his birthday (on 11/2) goody bags, and little pumpkin spiced marshmallows, which will be perfect for my cocoa! OMG! Too much! Just FYI- marshmallows have no calories!!!

So, with all that being said. I am working out and eating right (most of the day).

On Monday I went to the gym after everyone was in school. I used my phone app NTC- Nike Training Club. It is free! It was great and today my legs are still feeling it. I mean hard to walk and sit down feeling it. As I said before, I needed to amp up my workout so, today I taught my cycle class, which was a hills profile and then I took a very challenging yoga class. It was a good yoga class that stretched me in all the right ways! I’m still sore.

After sitting in the steam room and showering, I went to pick up the little one (K3) and went shopping to get trash bags and a treat for his good report at school. Well $100 later and you already know about the marshmallow stash…

just a few bags of the marshmallow stash!

we then came home and I was STARVED! I had only eaten one piece of chicken sausage in the morning, before class, with water. After classes I had a  bag of Almonds and later on a Cliff bar…loving the cherry almond bark. For lunch I was good and made myself a salad!

salad with mixed greens, blue cheese, egg, avocado, tomato and balsamic dressing

I was proud of myself. I also had a few corn tortilla chips. I was happy I had eaten good all day. Then we had an evening meeting at our neighborhood clubhouse and dinner was served. The multigrain french bread loaf attacked me! It slathered butter on itself and threw itself down my throat! It also had some Chi-Fil-A nuggets and homemade mac n’ cheese as its accomplices! DOGGONE it! Now, I have to workout even harder!

At least I can start, with better food discipline, again tomorrow!

Sunday Biscuits

24 Oct

I did make homemade biscuits today! This is a follow-up to my Apples to Apple Pie post. Biscuits are a constant challenge for me. Dinner rolls I am a queen of but biscuits get me everytime. Hubby is my official taster and has had to endure many dry, heavy, biscuits from my trials. I know the recipe by heart and have tried many others, yet I have not found the “perfect” biscuit yet. I also have this issue with Greens, but that is for another post. So, a recap; My girlfriend gave me homemade apple butter and strawberry jam and I had to honor that by serving it with homemade biscuits. I did just that!

Today my recipe came from a fellow blogger

It was one of my best! I have found that I do better with a food processor when making my biscuits.


These are ready for the oven

On most Sundays I make a big breakfast. The 3K’s love it because they enjoy eating together so they call it family breakfast/brunch because it is usually around 1pm (okay maybe 2pm but no later than 3!) by the time we eat. Today’s big breakfast included pancakes, biscuits, grits, scrambled eggs with zucchini, onions and cheese, turkey bacon and turkey sausage with a large pitcher water which had lots of cucumber slices in it. Diets are out the window most Sundays.

fresh out of the oven






They enjoyed the biscuits!

ready to eat with homemade apple butter






Tomorrow, I will workout! I will also resume my cleanse/clean eating. 😉

Apples to Apple Pie

22 Oct

I hit the jackpot this week! A wonderful friend of mine loaded me up with lots of goodies. First, of all she watched my youngest son while I taught the fitness club at my middle son’s elementary school afterschool. That was a blessing if ever! He is usually running around the gym, going into the offices, classrooms and media center coveting all of the candy sitting on everyone’s desk. And, he is so darn cute that everyone acquiesces to him and just lets him run rampant. He is sweet but he is BUSY!!! I digress…

When I went to pick him up, from my friends and his playdate with her son, she sent me home with him (trust me he didn’t want to come home and her son didn’t want him to leave), and bags of food! I SCORED! What mother wants to be given food to go home with…everyone of them!

So this is my stash…

She picked some fresh apples from the North Georgia apples and gave me a bagful! YUMMY!!!!

Then I got these:

Homemade apple butter, homemade applesauce and a strawberry from the summer! I will be making homemade biscuits tomorrow for sure!

Now, I was inspired to make an apple desert so…

My apples I already had at home,Store bought apples






Were transformed  into an apple pie filling

Cut up apples, add sugar, a little flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon





And then Apple Pie!

It smelled so good, and looked so yummy that we dove in before I even remembered to take a picture for this blog!




Here’s a bowl of it with vanilla ice cream. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was heavenly!!!

I rationalize eating all this yumminess by first of all using all natural ingredients and then the plan of exercising it off. Well, I was out of organic turbinado sugar, and I really wanted sugar in it so  regular granulated had to suffice. My pie crust was already made, didn’t feel like making it from scratch and my 8am morning run around Stone Mountain today…well, suffice it to say that didn’t happen either. But, I have no guilt. I am happy, the 3K’s (my sons) were happy, and my hubby who was in his man cave working on a top-secret car project tasted it and he doesn’t like apple pie! All was well on my Friday night.

Oh and one more thing…my friend’s husband jarred pickles this summer and my son LOVES them and guess what?

Wordless Wednesday – Tea and Chocolate

19 Oct

“Chocolate in the morning is what makes moms get through their day!”

A Woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt