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Just Dance – love/peace/soul

6 Oct

Every Thursday I teach a Latin Fusion class. I LOVE my class. We have a BLAST every week. Me and usually 50-60+ students are grooving away.

Me on stage teaching a class

I have been teaching this particular class for about four years now. I love listening and choosing the music, I love choreographing the dances, and I love dancing.

That’s it! I LOVE TO DANCE. I have been dancing all of my life. Started out as a ballet dancer as a 5 year old and went on to college to dance, now I do it as an adult. It has always been the essence of who I am. No matter how tired I am, I get in there and something just takes over and I am a dancing machine. I forget about anything else going on and I am moving and grooving, yelling, throwing my hands up in the air and just going for it. It is such a relief.  I forget I am a wife, mother of three with dishes to do, laundry, housecleaning, errands, bills, pick-ups, practices, the list goes on and on. I forget that sadness of those who died, and the ails of  our country and world. I embrace the thing that connects all life music and dance.

What makes it even better is that I sweat like crazy and burn at least 500 calories each week. How sweet is that. Right afterwards I teach yoga and that completely calms me down. I just love Thursdays.

Me, in the center with my mic on, with some of my great students in the class

What do you like to do to relieve stress? Have you danced lately?

Running is good for the Soul

26 Sep

Although I teach group fitness classes, I admit, I am not the most disciplined when it comes to working out. Unlike most of my counterparts, my girlfriends and co-workers. I have a couple of girlfriends, my fitness “BFF’s” and they are dynamos. They have busy lives like me and between the three of us we have 10 kids. Kids and all they are running every week, 5 days a week, and then they workout some more. They run through rain , sleet or snow. They are injured, but they keep running. They are tired, but they keep running. They run happy, they run sad…they just run. I on the other hand find any excuse to not workout.

Now, if I have to teach, yes I am all over it, and if my schedule is open, yes I’ll workout but if I am hurt, nope, if I am happy or sad but busy, nope, if it is stressful I will not workout. Well, that changed on Saturday. On Saturday, I ran; 5.28 miles! With my girlfriend, the right trail (we ran around Stone Mountain Park in Georgia) and my new toy, My Nike+GPS app (LOVE THAT APP!) Plus my Polar Heartrate monitor I was pumped.

On Saturday morning, I realized that running is just good for the soul. You run, you feel the breeze, you listen to nature, or your music, or you talk to your girlfriend. I did all of that and my soul felt great. I felt energized and ready to accomplish anything. I felt like only eating clean food that day and was motivated to do more. My girlfriends inspire me and I see why they run, although I do admonish them to find balance. No running injured! However, running is good. Exercise is good. Whatever it is you do yoga, walking, running, strength, cycling whatever gives you strength, power and purpose do it. No matter what do it for you. It is good for you, it is good for your body, it is good for your soul.

Doesn’t take much to Do it – getting in a little workout for you – push-ups and downward dogs

22 Jan

It doesn’t take much to stay fit. That is what I always say! “Hmph!” That is also what I say. Where do you find the time? After chasing three boys around the house, carting them all around town, attempting to “do you”, and manage a household, plus a little working (did I mention I’m suppose to be a SAHM), and then being a wife, lover, friend. Where does one find the time? I don’t, often I crash, around midnight, only to wake up again to the sound of children rustling through the pantry and the day starts again. Time….where are you?

Well, this morning I found the time. Woke up at 6:30am (yes,unfortunately, it’s Saturday), to the sound of hubby’s alarm (he has nowhere to be and doesn’t even hear it let alone wake up to it-that is another blog…lol), I go and see about the 10-year-old who has been awake since 5am (why son?!). He needs comfort and help with his sore throat. I pray – “Hey God it’s me”…”I know I’ve been slacking”…”I LOVE YOU, Amen”! I go online – loving social media. I buy tickets to Blue Man Group (9 year olds favorite group). Anyway, I “do” everything but what about my fitness? Aha! Push-ups…drop do 10 get back into whatever it is I’m doing. Ten, okay 20 minutes pass drop another 10, a few downwards dogs and I’m feeling good. Hey, another 15 minutes goes by…why not another 10 push-ups and some downward dogs plus a plank. Hold on gotta drop and do 15…Okay I’m back. you see another 15, a few more yoga asanas, a plank and my heart rate is up, I feel a tingle in the arms and chest. I’m on it!

You see it doesn’t take much, often times there is no prescription. Yes, there are better ways to really formalize your fitness program in order to maximize the benefits but you just gotta get it in! Start there, do what you can and you’ll build it up. I’m starting there. I know I may not count because I teach group fitness and I am a little more self-motivated but not all the time. Trust me on this!

Peace to you and let your time count. Let me know how you are doing. I’d love to cheer you on! Oh-oh…I gotta drop and do 10!

Confessions from a Fitness Instructor

17 Jan

I teach group fitness classes. Yes, I adopt and live a healthy lifestyle but I have a deep dark secret. Okay…maybe not so deep and dark but I am guilty. I love food, which is a good thing. However I love all food and not just healthy food. Junk Food (only good junk food though…lol!) I snack, I eat late at night and it is just not a good habit. What do I eat? Well, Salt and Pepper chips, Sea salt and Vinegar Chips, Ice Cream, Brownies, Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Jo-Jos at the moment. My biggest vice are those mini Twix bars. I buy a couple of bags during Halloween time, (for the kids I say) and then freeze them. OMG!!!! They are delicious. I managed to not eat any this Halloween, that is not a true statement. I did eat the ones my three boys got when trick or treating but I DID NOT PURCHASE ANY BAGS OF MY OWN!!! My husband just shakes his head at me.

Here’s the deal. During the course of the day I eat darn healthy. I do not eat red meat, I LOVE raw foods, natural foods. I cook healthy (for the most part). I make Kombucha, I make Kefir. I DO stuff to stay healthy and to keep my family healthy BUT I sabotage it with my healthy, organic, natural YUMMO snacks. Why confess now? Well, I just hit the big 40! I know a woman shouldn’t tell her age BUT I LOVE being this age and I love looking and feeling young HOWEVER my weight isn’t that of my twenty year old or thirty year old self. Not that it is a problem, I just usually lose weight not keep it on and gain. HO-Hum…I think the snacking has to subside.

I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! It’s my job to know. I think by the end of the day I am soooo drained from responsibilities it is like my drug. I just rebel and check out. I need to exercise more will power. But, what is important to me is that I do not become a hypocrite. Preach a heathy lifestyle and do another. I also want to be an example to my three boys and hubby.

I need another outlet. It will come. I’m not going cold turkey, trust me. In yoga I teach, talk and believe in balance. I will find balance in my snacks too!