16 Mar

Below is the post I shared on Sweat Everyday.

The sun broke through the clouds yesterday and, although it was not hot, it was warmer than 35 degrees with the sun out! That meant I could go outside and workout. HOWEVER I don’t run or walk without the temperature being above 45ish. However, I needed some movement, some cardio. Something had to be done to get my heart-rate up, and get me into my  fat burning zone. What to do? AH! I had a jump rope. I actually have quite a few from my classes and clients I teach so, I pulled one out and jumped in the backyard.



With my sweats on and my hoodie on my head I started jumping while my youngest was playing football by himself in the grass. I started with 30 jumps, then stopped and did some squats. I did another 50 jumps and, added more squats. Then I did 65 and added one last set of 75 and I felt great! My heart rate was up, my breathing was a faster and I felt great! It didn’t take long and it was just what I needed.

So if you need a quick workout, a pick me up and a little extra to add into your workout grab a jump-rope. They are inexpensive and, a good workout. I’m sure you’ve seen those boxers at the gyms jump all of the time. And they are always in good shape! If you ever stop by a Crossfit workout you’ll see some WODs with jump-roping in it.

AND, for us ladies who have had babies…Well let’s just say I was safe and dry! You can do it too!


Here’s some theme music for you.

Kriss Kross Jump



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