Talking to your old self

15 Jan

If you had an opportunity to hang out with yourself, when you were younger, what would you say to your old self?

I asked my hubby that last night and he just looked at me quizzically and asked me what I was talking about. So, I rephrased the question. We are not in our 20’s anymore and, if we were able to hang out with our 20-year-old self, being the age now. What would we say or do with ourselves?

I was reflecting on this because I spent a weekend with a wonderful group of young 20-30 year old folks (maybe 30 was the oldest age, LOL) and, it was so interesting to watch and, listen to them. It was fun and, interesting because it made me reflect on my life at that age.

Why would I say anything to them? Did I even have anything worth saying to them that would affect anything; I don’t know. It was just interesting to me to know that in ten years they would be in a different space than they are now. You can hope, visualize and dream however, it is a future of uncertainty and life plays its cards out and you play the game given to you. You can makes choices on how you’ll play and it will affect the outcome so be wise. Which is funny because how “wise” can you be at 20?

I really had a good time being in my 20’s. I just wish I knew it at the time! I was too busy pondering the next move, worrying about my love life and just not relishing the moments. again, I did have fun and lived a happy life.I don’t have many regrets at all. Having no spouse, no kids, really no serious worries beyond work was just heavenly! In hindsight.

I suppose older people look at us a think “they just don’t know”.  As I did as I hung out with this group. But, not knowing, or worrying about it, makes life that much more fun and more interesting. Who knows what your children will be like, if you’ll have children, if you’ll connect with a life partner or not, if you’ll have a certain career or change midstream. if you live life to the fullest or suffer from health issues, etc. Not knowing about your future or worrying about it is the advice I’d give to my old (or young self) self.

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life” Matthew 6:27 NIV

“Since you cannot do this very little thing why worry about the rest” Luke 12:26 NIV

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life” Luke 12:25 NIV

If I hung out with me I would have fun with me! I would enjoy the single, carefree life I had and not pressure me at all. I would sit and just watch and listen.

Life’s to short to  try to go back or really do anything else but relish each moment.


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