Theme Song

13 Oct

I was looking for a new theme for my blog and just really became stumped. Then I became side tracked on themes and began thinking about music. I love music.

Every good movie and character has a theme song. What if we all had our own theme song that played when we entered a room?!

I think everyone should have a theme song. Rocky had his, as did Shaft and Darth Vader. All the great Blaxploitation films had good theme music.  I would have this as mine:

The song is old but I LOVE IT!!! When I am teaching a class and I put this into the playlist, you better be ready, this means we are going to go full out!

I think I love it so because I am truly a 70’s child and this song captures that for me. When it plays, I can see myself being invincible. I run a faster, workout harder and sweep a little better ;). Music can make anything better, especially your own personal theme song.

Come on, admit it, you have that one song that you sing out loud and get your groove on to when  you are at home all alone or in the car when no one sees you.

What is your theme song?


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