Peace, Love and SOOOUULLLLLLL Train

15 Feb

I am a 70’s baby. I grew up in the 70’s, from the very start of the decade, so the name for my blog has many meanings for me and one is the obvious, Soul Train. That phrase is forever engrained in my brain, “it’s gonna be a stone cold trip honey”, “peace, love and Soul”. I actually had a very short stint on Soul Train! LOL! In 1986 I was a student at Hollywood High School, a performing arts school. Somehow, I got an invite to be on  and my mom was so excited. She took me to my cousin’s house and they clothed me in a light pink spandex outfit. The shirt was off one shoulder, and the outfit was very 80’s. I even had braids in my hair! It was so funny. At the time, I appreciated it but not like I do now. Prior to the 80’s, in the 70’s was when Soul Train was HOT! They really showed the world black culture. Beautiful afro’s graced the screen as well as bell bottoms, brown hues and funky moves. It was a celebration of being an African-American in a society that looked down on our features, our culture and our expression of ourselves. Even though many emulated our music and looks, it somehow just wasn’t acceptable for “us” to express it. Soul Train made it ok. Losing Don Cornelius is a loss for the music industry and its rich history, for black history, for American history.

So, as an homage to Soul Train, last week in my class (Latin Fusion which is really ZUMBA) I had everyone do a Soul Train line. We had sooooo much fun! I should have taken pictures or a video but I was so busy grooving down the line I forgot. Having 60+ people go down a soul train line, in a studio, is no easy feat to organize. BUT! Here is a taste of the real deal and of a flash mob done in New York in honor of Don Cornelius.

This week gather some of your friends and family and bust a move down a soul train line. You will have MUCH fun!


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