Occupying Wall Street- Complainers or a beginning for change

21 Nov

I read a post regarding Occupy Wall Street and found that I had a different view on it, so I decided to share.


I live in a  very conservative state, Georgia, I wonder sometimes how I fit in here! LOL! I am a Christian, and that lot can be conservative as well, to an extreme I find. Being liberal in my circles is funny 1) because most people have these really crazy opinions about someone being liberal, therefore before I can even open my mouth I am judged and 2) I am often a square peg in a round hole.

Now, I am more liberal than most, but I think I am probably more moderate. Some would say I am very idealistic…I am! I believe in love, success, happiness and in everyone getting along if we just try. Ergo my blog name! Not that I am unaware of trials and tribulations. BELIEVE ME I HAVE HAD MY SHARE!

I am a hard-working homemaker to three boys, who works a little on the side. I praise God daily that my husband has had his job throughout all of economic turmoil. I do stay aware of political and social issues as best as I can and I see there is a great stirring and maybe we should look at this OWS as an opening for communication. I think we can all agree that something has to change, soon.

I agree that we have gotten lazy and do have a lot of whiners, and complainers, and people take little action. However, I respectfully disagree with some persons opinions, that the OWS is comprised of many who just want a handout.  I see this OWS, as civil unrest, closely related to how the Civil Rights movement started.  I do wonder how so many people can take off work to do this…but I guess that is the point …they cannot find jobs. They also seem to be willing to sacrifice anything to be heard!

Corporations are not “bad” BUT there is an exorbitant amount of greed and gluttony and dishonesty taking place in corporate America, in our government and in our society.   I have many friends, neighbors, colleagues who were working as Engineers, businessmen, and highly paid professionals who have been out of work for months, years, etc. They are losing homes, they are using retirement money to live off of, not because of laziness, but because of something bigger and it is unjust to have Fannie Mae, pay Millions of dollars in bonuses to their top corporate CEO’s and higher-ups while hard-working individuals, work harder, get paid less, and struggle to pay college tuition for their children, let alone put food on their table. Not all the protesters are lazy, whining children. I have seen many adults, many men and women in suits and ties. I saw an 87-year-old woman Pepper sprayed because of peaceful protesting, because people are “tired” of the OWS. She cannot be a whining complaining child who is just lazy. This is bigger than that, way bigger.

I am always mindful that a small group of people felt that being a second class citizen, based on skin color, was unjust, and they whined and complained and protested and made a difference. That is why I have opportunities today, that they didn’t have. I want my children to have a healthy future, and not suffer the financial mistakes we continue to make. I know that I have to equip them with experiences and knowledge so they can rely on themselves and no one else to provide for their families, just as my husband and I have done. But, I am aware that I could be my “neighbor” so it is God’s grace, His provision that I rely on ultimately.

Anyway…I just think we should listen to the cry and take heed and be mindful of the some deeper issues and  see that not all of these persons or any other group as crazy, lazy, whining, individuals looking for handouts. Our country, our global economy is in a crisis and change has to happen. Not enough people are voting for capable politicians, not many are willing to listen and compromise and look for  finding what is right for the majority. Some times the squeaky wheel gets the most attention and OWS has certainly gotten ours.

Thanks for taking the time to read a different view. What is your view?


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