Halloween is over – Candy,Cleanse & Kombucha

5 Nov

So Halloween is over, but the candy is not! UGH! Look at this stash!

And, this is after a week of eating it! Again I say UGH! I wish I could say that I am innocent of eating any of this false food but, I would be telling a lie. The Twix bars mystify me, they find some way into my mouth…especially after I freeze them. The chocolate with almonds tend to do the same too. UGH! But, YUM too!

So, I have to get rid of the candy. The kids have been hyper all week and it has to leave. I will send it to work, schools, wherever I can…I heard you can even send it to the troops! Or to a dentist will buy it back. Wow, now I have options. I really feel as though it should all go into the trash, as it is just chemically made crap that does nothing beneficial to the body. Well, maybe the brain gets that little candy ‘high” and during certain times of the month and that is all I need to get by ;).

My kids have to suffer and eat it to. Normally I am known as the healthy one, the ” granola” BUT, I LOVE sweet stuff! I love to cook and bake and eat what I make. I’d like to eat clean all the time and all that BUT, I confess I have a weakness and yes…I CONFESS my kids have eaten the candy too! Phew! Now, I feel liberated. I am now on the “bad momma” list. But, hey…we DO NOT EAT MacDonald’s, so there! I do not go on the bad momma list after all. I digress…

I have a really good friend who has a cleanse, more of a way of life, eating program that will help me end my addiction to sugar, heal my body from those nasty cancer inducing foods and help me feel better.  It is called the BWell 21 Day Cleanse. Her website is pretty awesome. The BWell for life concept grew out of her life experiences. She is awesome too!

From her, I have learned a lot. She is a mother of three boys, our firsts’ are a couple of weeks apart and we met 11 years ago, nursing them at 6 weeks old trying to find our way into this thing called motherhood. She has been so patient with me because every time the 21  day cleanse comes up I am all over it, telling her how excited I am. I am making Kombucha…

My Pretty Kombucha Scoby!!

A SCOBY is a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture/Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).

My Kombucha that was a week overdue. That is why the SCOBY is so big!

I am eating healthy, clean and feeling good! Then someone has a birthday or the holidays come or I just sneak a peek at something good and BAM! Back to square one. For instance. She has a cleanse starting up, like NOW, and look what I get to eat tomorrow for K3’s 5th birthday party (yes, my baby is 5 now!!!!!)

Lego cake bits on the left and a sugar cookie on the right

Aren’t those too cute not to eat!

I’ll just start the cleanse right afterwards ;)!


2 Responses to “Halloween is over – Candy,Cleanse & Kombucha”

  1. Olga Traynina Crawford November 5, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    April, we are all right there with you! And, sugar IS addictive, so it’s not your fault:) I had a slice of (raw) pumpkin pie this evening at a friend house and it was delicious (although a little too sweet), now some coconut kefir before bed, so that sugar doesn’t go to waste;) (probiotics will eat the sugar and make valuable amino acids in return!!

    • aprilpj November 5, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

      I am going to detox and start drinking more Kefir after eating sugar too!

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