Quads, Glutes and Marshmallows

26 Oct

My quads and glutes are killing me and that is a good thing! I have been needing to amp up my workouts, especially around this time of year. All this good food, and sweet treats have me at a loss for all discipline with food!

Just today my son and I purchased pumpkin shape marshmallows! SO big and cute. “Boo Mellows” for Halloween and his birthday (on 11/2) goody bags, and little pumpkin spiced marshmallows, which will be perfect for my cocoa! OMG! Too much! Just FYI- marshmallows have no calories!!!

So, with all that being said. I am working out and eating right (most of the day).

On Monday I went to the gym after everyone was in school. I used my phone app NTC- Nike Training Club. It is free! It was great and today my legs are still feeling it. I mean hard to walk and sit down feeling it. As I said before, I needed to amp up my workout so, today I taught my cycle class, which was a hills profile and then I took a very challenging yoga class. It was a good yoga class that stretched me in all the right ways! I’m still sore.

After sitting in the steam room and showering, I went to pick up the little one (K3) and went shopping to get trash bags and a treat for his good report at school. Well $100 later and you already know about the marshmallow stash…

just a few bags of the marshmallow stash!

we then came home and I was STARVED! I had only eaten one piece of chicken sausage in the morning, before class, with water. After classes I had a  bag of Almonds and later on a Cliff bar…loving the cherry almond bark. For lunch I was good and made myself a salad!

salad with mixed greens, blue cheese, egg, avocado, tomato and balsamic dressing

I was proud of myself. I also had a few corn tortilla chips. I was happy I had eaten good all day. Then we had an evening meeting at our neighborhood clubhouse and dinner was served. The multigrain french bread loaf attacked me! It slathered butter on itself and threw itself down my throat! It also had some Chi-Fil-A nuggets and homemade mac n’ cheese as its accomplices! DOGGONE it! Now, I have to workout even harder!

At least I can start, with better food discipline, again tomorrow!


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