Sunday Biscuits

24 Oct

I did make homemade biscuits today! This is a follow-up to my Apples to Apple Pie post. Biscuits are a constant challenge for me. Dinner rolls I am a queen of but biscuits get me everytime. Hubby is my official taster and has had to endure many dry, heavy, biscuits from my trials. I know the recipe by heart and have tried many others, yet I have not found the “perfect” biscuit yet. I also have this issue with Greens, but that is for another post. So, a recap; My girlfriend gave me homemade apple butter and strawberry jam and I had to honor that by serving it with homemade biscuits. I did just that!

Today my recipe came from a fellow blogger

It was one of my best! I have found that I do better with a food processor when making my biscuits.


These are ready for the oven

On most Sundays I make a big breakfast. The 3K’s love it because they enjoy eating together so they call it family breakfast/brunch because it is usually around 1pm (okay maybe 2pm but no later than 3!) by the time we eat. Today’s big breakfast included pancakes, biscuits, grits, scrambled eggs with zucchini, onions and cheese, turkey bacon and turkey sausage with a large pitcher water which had lots of cucumber slices in it. Diets are out the window most Sundays.

fresh out of the oven






They enjoyed the biscuits!

ready to eat with homemade apple butter






Tomorrow, I will workout! I will also resume my cleanse/clean eating. 😉


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