Calm in the Midst of Chaos – Peace

20 Sep

Being busy is a great thing. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so stay busy…so I tell myself. But, how busy do you keep yourself. Do I really even have to keep myself busy? My life lends itself to busyness. And, being busy can be chaos. A chaotic life describes my life for the past few weeks…heck the last few years. My life is unique to me but my situation is not. I have three boys, a husband that travels for work, a lot!

The other day I was having quite an overwhelming day. It was so overwhelming that my anxiety level rose pretty high within me. Although I felt anxious in my heart, I knew (as most mothers know) I had to continue on. My kids had homework that needed to be done, dinner had to be cooked, practices needed to be gotten to, dishes needed to be done and I was alone, while my husband was out of town, working. Now, while in the swarm of this daily activity, feeling anxious and all, I got a call from a friend regarding the Middle schools fundraiser (which I am in charge of). She needed an answer to a question and was going to come by to pick up something she needed. When she came over she said that I looked very refreshed! REFRESHED! WOW! That is the furthest from what I felt…but somehow that is the aura that came off from me.

So, what was it, what did I do? Was she seeing something else? I can fake things quite well, but not that well. I can say I have learned somethings along the way that have helped me.

The first is, breathing. Most of my most crazy days call for some deep breathing throughout the day. I acknowldege my feelings and then literally take some deep breathes, releasing my diaphragm, inhaling through my nose and filling up my entire upper body with fresh air. The exhalation brings a slower beat to my heart, calming me down and allowing me to move forward with whatever functions I need to complete.

Secondly, I am, in general, a pretty positive person, so no matter how overwhelmed I feel I recognize that I can go on and I will. Everything I can do I will and what I cannot do or choose not to do just won’t get done. The world will not end, all of my kids will still be alive, I will be alive and so will my hubby therefore all is well.

Lastly, I take a break. Escapism is such a wonderful things at times! I am probably a master of it…not that I am proud of that or am bragging about it BUT, it sure does come in handy. I can sit down and just eat a small snack, read a little something, watch a little TV, computer time or even just nap. Working out is great for this too! Whenever I hit the gym and teach or take a class I fully escape what is going on. I come back into reality recharged, refreshed, and can and do often finish my tasks with flying colors! Even if it is at 2am.

Now, this has worked for me so far and I am THE FIRST to admit that there are times I do allow my emotions and anxiety to get the best of me. Just ask my husband, he usually gets the brunt of that. We often dump on those closest to us. LOVE YOU BABE!

So…Breathe, think positivitely, and relax. Take time to take time for yourself and watch how refreshed you to can be. Stay Calm even in the midst of the chaos.

Peace and Blessings!


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