Confessions from a Fitness Instructor

17 Jan

I teach group fitness classes. Yes, I adopt and live a healthy lifestyle but I have a deep dark secret. Okay…maybe not so deep and dark but I am guilty. I love food, which is a good thing. However I love all food and not just healthy food. Junk Food (only good junk food though…lol!) I snack, I eat late at night and it is just not a good habit. What do I eat? Well, Salt and Pepper chips, Sea salt and Vinegar Chips, Ice Cream, Brownies, Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Jo-Jos at the moment. My biggest vice are those mini Twix bars. I buy a couple of bags during Halloween time, (for the kids I say) and then freeze them. OMG!!!! They are delicious. I managed to not eat any this Halloween, that is not a true statement. I did eat the ones my three boys got when trick or treating but I DID NOT PURCHASE ANY BAGS OF MY OWN!!! My husband just shakes his head at me.

Here’s the deal. During the course of the day I eat darn healthy. I do not eat red meat, I LOVE raw foods, natural foods. I cook healthy (for the most part). I make Kombucha, I make Kefir. I DO stuff to stay healthy and to keep my family healthy BUT I sabotage it with my healthy, organic, natural YUMMO snacks. Why confess now? Well, I just hit the big 40! I know a woman shouldn’t tell her age BUT I LOVE being this age and I love looking and feeling young HOWEVER my weight isn’t that of my twenty year old or thirty year old self. Not that it is a problem, I just usually lose weight not keep it on and gain. HO-Hum…I think the snacking has to subside.

I KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! It’s my job to know. I think by the end of the day I am soooo drained from responsibilities it is like my drug. I just rebel and check out. I need to exercise more will power. But, what is important to me is that I do not become a hypocrite. Preach a heathy lifestyle and do another. I also want to be an example to my three boys and hubby.

I need another outlet. It will come. I’m not going cold turkey, trust me. In yoga I teach, talk and believe in balance. I will find balance in my snacks too!


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